My Work

Here is some of my work from over the years. PDFs of some stories are available if you’re interested. Email me at joannemaustin AT gmail DOT com. 

Blairstown, NJ has creepy ties to the original Friday the 13th movie (WNJ Issue #50, May 2017): When Blairstown Became Scarestown: The Filming of Friday the 13th

Roller Derby is a sport that’s thriving in the Garden State (WNJ Issue #49, Oct. 2017): No “Bout” About It: Jersey Derby is Here to Stay

Dunellen, NJ’s very own master of puppets (WNJ Issue#47, Oct. 2016): Ricky Syers: Master of Marionettes

A woman who turned the workings of the human body into a fascinating Instagram account (WNJ Issue #46, May 2016): The Online Life of a Pathologists’ Assistant: Mrs_Angemi

The (now-closed) Brooklyn museum dealing in death (WNJ Issue #45, Oct. 2015): The Morbid Anatomy Museum

Mafia living, Livingston, NJ-style (WNJ Issue #43, Oct. 2014): Dirt Bike Memories of the Boot

Mount Holly, NJ’s finest affected provincial expounds on life and other weird things (WNJ website, May 2014): Lord Whimsy: Weirdo Advocate

A weird book review and author interview (WNJ Issue #41, Oct. 2013): Call of the Jersey Devil by Aurelio Voltaire

Background on a place where Bunnies used to hop in Vernon, NJ (WNJ Issue #41, Oct. 2013): The Sad Stuff of Legends

A Steampunk World’s Fair experience (WNJ Issue #39, Oct. 2012): L’Affaire du Punk: Excerpts from a Mad Victorian Fantasy in the Jersey Suburbs

A spectacular collection at the Morris Museum: (WNJ Issue #38, May 2012): The Long and Windup Road: Mechanical Music and Automata in New Jersey

Thomas Edison’s mechanical dolls (WNJ Issue #37, Oct. 2011): Edison’s Lovely Little Monsters

Traveling the historic boneyards of one of New Jersey’s most complicated and fascinating cities (WNJ Issue #37, Oct. 2011): A Newark Cemetery Tour

Ghosts that haunt a farm near Flemington, NJ (WNJ Issue #31, Oct. 2008 and also Weird Encounters, Oct. 2010): Barnside Ghosts

Local legend of a man who liked to hide in barrels of oil and scare people in the Bergen County, NJ area, circa WWI (WNJ Issue # 33, Oct. 2009) The Slippery Case of Oily Oliver

A restaurant in Chester, NJ has many spectral tales (WNJ Issue #33, Oct. 2009): Our Ghostly Publick: The Publick House Hauntings

Author Jeffery Ford’s fiction writing often features the stranger aspects of the Garden State (WNJ Issue #31, Oct. 2008): May the Ford (Jeffrey, That Is) be with You

An interview with a New Jersey-born Vampyre (WNJ Issue #29, Oct. 2007): This Presidential Candidate Sucks – Blood, That Is

An interview with someone who knows what you’re thinking RIGHT NOW (WNJ Issue #27, Oct. 2006): The Amazing Kreskin

The action never stops at this legendary water park in Northwestern New Jersey (WNJ Issue #25, Oct. 2005): Traction Park

My first foray into the wonderful world of Weird NJ  (WNJ Issue #10, May 1998):  The Doll House of Salem Street