Now available: Death’s Garden Revisited

Death’s Garden Revisited, the new anthology edited by Loren Rhoads is now available for purchase.

Death’s Garden Revisited, edited by Loren Rhoads

I’m one of 40 writers who have personal essays in the collection, which also features around 80 color photos. As described on the website, the book illuminates “the reasons people visit cemeteries” as they explore “the complex web of relationships between the living and those who have passed before.”

The cemetery in the little corner of northwestern New Jersey that I wrote about is joined by 59 others in places as wide ranging as Iceland, Argentina, Portland and Prague. The essays are written by “genealogists and geocachers, travelers and tour guides, anthropologists, historians, pagan priestesses, and ghost hunters,” so you get lots of different perspectives and experiences.

It’s truly an honor to be included in Death’s Garden Revisited. Loren put so much work into it and created a beautiful book that’s very much worth your reading time.

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