Ghosts in My House

I’m not really sure if there are any ghosts in my house. There are a few incidences that seem ghostly, on first sniff, but can be explained away. And some I just don’t know.

For example, the upstairs bathroom door will always slam shut if the window in the bathroom is open and the wind is just right. But that’s just an issue of air pressure.

The one window on the far right of the living room, which with its companion on the left both flank a larger picture window, will sometimes crack itself open. But this is a combination, I think, of the constant flow of traffic driving by plus the spring mechanism of the window. As long as the window is not locked, the street vibrations do something to the spring, making the window slowly open up.

The window in question – apologies because it’s still kinda dirty. It’s closed right now…but it was open earlier today when I decided to take a picture. I swear.

There’s an edge of the kitchen countertop close to the stove that is pitched so the front of it is higher than the back. I learned this once when I was cleaning it, and sprayed it with a cleaner that wet the surface. For some reason, I put the cap from a can of non-stick spray on the counter and watched as it slid back, as if moved by unseen hands. It was a bit of a shock to see, at first. But likely more about the wonky counter levels in an old house than a ghost.

I also have an old boom box set up in the living room, along the wall that’s across from the haunted window. It’s from the 1990s and has a cassette player on it, as well as a CD player, but the only thing I use it for these days is to listen to public radio while I’m cleaning the house on Saturdays. It has a simple on/off button that sometimes just shuts off on its own. I know that earlier in the day that I’m writing this post it shut off two times by itself. This one is a little odd because you do have to press on the button to turn it on or off – I do it myself all the time. In fact, as I write this the radio is off and I didn’t shut it off today. It shut itself off.

1990s-era boom box that shuts itself off periodically. You have to push that “power” button in to shut it off, so I don’t know what’s going on with it.

Is it just an old boom box that’s crapping out on me, or is some ghostly entity that’s not liking public radio?

Last New Year’s Eve, a friend stayed over and slept on the living room couch. He said that he woke up during the night and thought he saw a black cat on the top of the couch, and that it jumped from the couch and crawled under the Christmas tree, which is a very cat thing to do. But we don’t have a black cat. He also said that my cat Otis (rest in peace) saw this cat, and when it ran out from under the tree and away from his line of sight, Otis chased after it. I don’t know if that cat was a harbinger of something or the ghost of my other cat, Saffron, who for reasons I won’t go into, would be a natural choice for haunting that room.

What’s funny is that before he told me that story, I had two sightings of a small, dark cat running from the hallway into my kitchen, and from a guest bedroom into my bedroom. Just out of the corner of my eye experiences, but the size was about Saffron size, and she and I were very attached to each other.

And…it’s alleged that a woman died in this house, which was once the parsonage of the Lutheran church in town. She was sick and being taken care of by parishioners, and died in the room that all of this weird stuff happens in. I can’t confirm if this is true.

And also…I’ve been told that a woman who was living in the house across the street (which may have been a brothel at one point) killed herself by lying in the road and waiting for a car to come along and hit her. This is super far-fetched, but who knows?

6 thoughts on “Ghosts in My House

  1. After my cat, Kolchak died I ended up moving and a few weeks after I was settling in I was putting some things into the medicine cabinet and when I turned around Kolchak, my cat was sitting in the doorway just as real looking as ever. And then in a blink of the eye he was gone.
    I know there are logical reasons for seeing what I saw, my cat had died, I was setting up house in a place I hadn’t really wanted to move to- my brain was just trying to find a port in the storm and it thought up Kolchak….or maybe not. Maybe I saw what I saw. A ghost.

  2. Just this evening, my Alexa started playing music on it’s own. I checked the activity on the Alexa app and someone gave it an audio command to play this song. It wasn’t me and I am alone in my house. So WTF??????

    • That’s freaky. What song was it?

      On Saturday my old boom box shut off four times through the course of the day. I gave up after the last time. And the window was cracked open, too. I have no idea when it happened.

      • Here is what the Activity Voice history says on the Alexa app: “alexa put on i just”
        ” I just need U. by TobyMac is only available with Amazon Music Unlimited. Here’s a station based on I just need U..” So it was playing music on some streaming station. I didn’t recognize what was actually playing.

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