Weird Ghosts = Weird Hauntings

The book I worked on in 2006, Weird Hauntings, was out of print after having pretty decent sales in both hardcover and paperback (this was just before ebooks were a thing). Last year, my bosses at Weird NJ let me know that the publisher (not them) planned on re-issuing the book this fall. They were now calling it Weird Ghosts and redesigning it – but keeping all of the stories and some of the illustrations and photos from the old Hauntings book in it.

One thing I worried about when I found out about the re-issue was whether they’d make it clear that this book was just that. Because nobody likes to buy a book only to find out that they they already own it, unless they’re a collector. The publisher didn’t, though: they marketed it as if it were a new book. And surprise! It currently has just two reviews on Amazon – both bad – because of that very thing. Honestly, I sympathize with the reviewers, who had to go through the hassle of sending the book back.

So based on that, I just want to make it very clear that while I think the redesign is lovely, and new readers will hopefully enjoy Weird Ghosts, I wish the publishers had made its origins clearer so buyers could make a better-informed purchase decision. Hopefully this little blurb will assist in that.

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