A return to ghosts

Not too long ago, I traveled with a friend of mine to the Strauss Mansion in Atlantic Highlands, NJ.


The Strauss Mansion. This place is gorgeous.

It’s a beautiful old place and allegedly haunted, which is what we were there for – a ghost tour. I’m currently writing up the experience, which was pretty positive. We got to play with different tools of the paranormal investigation trade and see them used by people who know what to do with them. And some interesting things happened that night, too. Including an incident/coincidence involving this lamb figurine.


Take random picture of lamb in basement for no particular reason. Have spirit who calls himself “Kyle LAMB” show up later in seance. Freak out.

More to come on that.

Before my friend arrived, I had some time to kill, so I walked down the hill and checked out First Avenue and all the businesses along it. I was pleasantly creeped out by the Halloween display the local Thai restaurant, Kunya Siam, set up in the garden out back.

If I go back to Atlantic Highlands, I want to eat here. These are my kind of people!

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