Going Viral

Nope, not the flu. A few weeks ago, there was a Twitter post from Eric Alper, which asked an innocent question: What movie disturbed you as a child? He often asks questions like this, and because I had a great example, I responded using a gif of a scene from Invasion of the Body Snatchers when the results of an unfortunate man/dog pod combo come running up to the character played by Brooke Adams, who of course screams.

I’ve taken a screen shot of the post down due to concerns about copyright (never mind that it WAS available on Twitter as a gif when this all happened), but you can see a video of it here.

I accidentally made this scene even more disturbing during my teens. I was changing channels on our old-school cable box (no remote). It was on top of our TV, so as I was reaching up to change channels from my spot on the floor, my face was right in front of the TV. And, as I passed the lone HBO channel we had back in the day, this creature was RIGHT THERE. I screamed louder than Brooke and pulled the neck of red turtleneck I was wearing over my face, much to the amusement of my brother and mom, who were in the room at the time. Haha. So legit, this has always been a marker of disturbing movie scenes for me.

I responded to Eric’s post and went away for a bit. And then I came back to my iPad and saw my Twitter notifications were more active than they usually were. A lot more active.Someone made a Twitter moment of the question and some of the responses, including mine. And since mine had a gif, and was really freaky and long forgotten/never seen by many, it blew up. Not like millions of impressions blowing up, but enough.These were the results a day or so later:

Crazy. For one gif. I will likely never see this response again. Also notice that after all that, I gained one follower. So it’s fun to see people flip out over something you shared, but nobody is really taking it to the next step. And honestly, that’s okay with me. It’s not a life goal of mine to have thousands of followers. Some people ended up seeing a good sci-fi movie as a result. Works for me.

2 thoughts on “Going Viral

  1. You know, there’s just something kind of fascinating about the behind the scenes look at “going viral” – a phenomenon that feels ordinary in the retelling.

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